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22 February 2008 @ 03:41 pm
McFly House - Part 7  
To anybody who's actually still here: Sorry for kind of giving up. I find myself not all that interested in the game any more, but, I still feel obligated to play and see where things go.

This pathetic attempt here hardly even counts as an update, but eh, at least it's something? I'm trying to work my way back in slowly after the hiatus...
I'm actually thinking that I'll end up dropping this family off, since it's become rather stale, and focus more on the other ones.

Something I took of Gabrielle at college a freaking long time ago... |D
Her major is physics btw, and it looks like she's having the standard college experience so far.

Marty now lives alone with his dogs, so... I take the soap opera route and introduce him to somebody new to see if it goes anywhere.

Impressing your date is hard when the ghost of your former mentor decides to show up!

Ghost!Doc spends a lot of time floating around his time machine...

And it isn't long before THIS HAPPENS.

They have a full litter of four, two male and two female. I named them James, Kelly, Lorrie and Franklin, because I... um... forgot to add any points to my 'Naming' skill when I signed up. Yeah.


Suddenly the house becomes dog-infested and difficult to manage. There isn't enough space for dog bed and food bowls, so they sleep on the floor and keep going hungry. Sometimes they go hungry because there are just too many puppies in the kitchen for anybody to move and reach the food bowls. -_- They can't go upstairs and can't go outside, because of the foundation stairs, so everybody gets stuck in places...

I gave the mother dog up for adoption to free the place up. :( They're cute as puppies but I can't wait for them to get to adults now.
simsaycd on February 22nd, 2011 02:47 am (UTC)
Hey! I really miss your Sims 2 stories. :( I really loved your Friends one and this BTTF! I LOVE BTTF! I hope you're doing well, and I also hope to maybe see some new Sims stuff from you sometime... Maybe? :)