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09 June 2007 @ 09:57 pm
My House - Part 9  
It's now summer in my Sims game 0 but it's also summer in real life, and I'm afraid that means I've got the most important exams of my life going on. So I'm putting in a little update while I can, and I might not be back for a little while. :)

Okay, so. I had this glitch for a while and the dog nearly died. Got it fixed though eventually.

Little Nova tries catching butterflies. He sucks.

He is summarily owned by his heavily pregnant mother.

New baby time again!

The new addition, a boy, is greeted by having someone shout into his ear. His name is Phobos.

The baby gets left upstairs forever and we get to Marlene's birthday.

I need to stop trying to take pictures of the rainbow sparkles... they don't work.

I think she's a little bit easier on the eyes now.

Oh yeah, then they remembered the baby existed and it grew up too.

Phobos, the toddler now, looks pretty strange. But wait...

There we go! He's quite cute!


Neat - 8
Outgoing - 8
Lazy - 2
Playful - 8
Grouchy - 1

Interests: Sports, animals

Yeah, I know, black hair. Whut?

Marlene looks positively acceptable with different hair.

This family loves fishing.

But they have varying degrees of success.


Nova decides he can't wait to walk into the next room where his cake is, so he just ages up on the spot. >:(

He looks normal! Yaaay!
His aspiration is Popularity and his LTW is to conquer the Musician career. Shouldn't be that hard as he already has about 7 creativity points from the piano.

Belly pops are getting boring now.

Someone looks after the kids. Which is good as my sim-self spent most of the time trying not to die from hunger or exhaustion.

Then Phobos grows up.

He looks a bit stoned, but it's all right.

Baby, AGAIN.

Now EVERYBODY looks stoned. *sigh*
It's a girl, called Tanis.

Marlene catches a freakin' big fish and guess what her mother is about to do?

Throw water balloons at her school friend!

Nova quite soon after transitioning brings home someone from school. She's such a gorgeous Sim and they have 2 chemistry bolts - so we might have already found a nice match for him. I've forgotten her first name (*doy*) but her list name is 'Sims'. :/

She sticks around for Tanis' transition.


*attaches hair* There we go.


Neat - 8
Outgoing - 8
Lazy - 4
Serious - 2
Nice - 9

Interests: Entertainment, paranormal, animals, sci-fi

Oh yeah, and all that happened over here so far is that Kathy's pregnant too and she sets fire to things. More on that later.
Mama Seychellesomgimsuchadork on June 10th, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Aw, the new kids are so cute, and they've both got your eyes! ♥