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03 July 2007 @ 08:38 pm
Friends House - Part 8  
I'm back y'all!

No more school for me ever - you'd think that would mean I could update more regularly, but I've still got lots of other video games and artwork and fanfiction to do, never mind real life itself, so we'll just see how it goes.

Everything is as normal as it gets here. Ross seranades Rachel, who quite calmly starts to fall sideways off her chair. Monica watches with glee.

Emma's still meeting guys (although I can't remember who this is and I had to restart so she doesn't know him any more. -_-)

I would say that throwing water balloons at random kids on the street isn't good adult behaviour.

But this is Vidina we're talking about, so HOORAY FOR CHANDLER.

Emma gets some promotions, hits the top of the teen Law career, and is an overachiever. Ignore the damn firetruck - some idiot burned something obviously.

The twins have their next birthday. Yes, all of you stand behind the bookcase, great.

Jack is... kinda scary. His aspiration is Fortune.

Erica's turn...

She's really not bad, and after a later makeover and re-evaluation, she's my most attractive in-game born Sim yet! Family is her aspiration.

Then this happens. I like how this turned out - imagine walking into a bathroom to find a woman giving birth. Also, I think this might be my first birth in a bathroom - which I understand is a staple component of Legacies.

And now imagine a woman walking into a bathroom and coming out a few minutes later with a new baby. O_o

This is Regina Phalange! :D She has her father (Joey's) hair and eyes.

I caught Jack doing this in the mirror.

Everybody eats pie and discussed global warming.

Phoebe: LOL FLOWERS!!!11
Ross: *gets aspiration points - WHY?*

New toddler time. Can I point out that there are now TEN Sims living in this house? TEN Sims AND A CAT? My computer can handle it (thank god, I luffles my computer) but it takes me for-bloody-ever to play 1 Sim month because of the amount of maintaining - most of my time in this house is spent with the play on pause so I can direct everyone.

Anyway, here she is!

Regina Phalange

Neat: 10
Outgoing: 10
Active: 10
Serious: 2
Grouchy: 3

No idea where the distribution of points came from.

And she's actually ADORABLE.

What's this? TWO cakes?

Yes, unfortunately...

Phoebe is now old.

This is basically what the teens always do. Emma is professional and reads, and Jack gets on his little sister's nerves.

She still does this. If I saw an old person jumping on a couch I'd run far, far away.


She's a good mum. Joey helped out sometimes. He has lots of free time now that he's not sleeping with everyone.

Chandler kicks his daughter's butt on the PlayStation.

And when I finally located these two I 'awwww'ed at what they were doing... but did they have to do it in that damn bathroom?
Ammybear: Growingsimsamaryssobellus on July 4th, 2007 03:22 am (UTC)
LOL! Too funny. Now it's really going to be the next generation of "friends" Good stuff.

Phoebe was the first to get old. Aww. She never found her "Mike" huh?
sillysimphonies on July 4th, 2007 10:26 am (UTC)
I couldn't be bothered to make Mike She and Joey couldn't keep their hands off each other, so I figured I'd just let them have what they want. =P That way they all have offspring, which pleases me.