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17 September 2007 @ 03:43 pm
Final Fantasy Houses - Part 6  
Woah, it's been a while! Sorry about that. I had my last ever school exams to get through and that threw me off my gaming habits, and I'm just now getting the balance back. On we go!

I forget why I even have these pyjamas downloaded. They work well for someone like Garnet, except when she fries things and her sleeve should rightfully catch on fire.

She actually burned the pancakes and the sprinkler went off. It's fun to watch them run around like that.

Apparently I'm just following the morning pancake story here. (I took these quite a while back so I'm not exactly sure what actually happened)
At least they're all being a family though.

Vivi, on the other hand, stays in his room and does this.

Barricading the staircase? No, I haven't thought of it, why do you ask?

Zidane: "See Garnet, THIS is how you make pancakes."
Garnet: *gag*

This was bloody scary.

...Actually it looks like the closest we'll ever get to a rude Sim hand gesture.

He actually was meaning to do THIS, but for some reason, the action happened before Garnet was there.

Birthday for the little kid that I haven't paid much attention to...

Well... she's kind of cute.


Zidane: "Feeble piano, I have dominion over you!"

...Lol. Terrorising children.

Nice shot of her catching butterflies, though!

Birthday again.

Um... open shirt much?

Here we goes. Proper clothes.

FFX tiem:

I laugh every single time Sims do that action.

They forced their toddler daughter to sit on THE BALCONY at NIGHT so they can do some sexing.

Another birthday, and...

When I check on him afterwards, he was doing this.

Anyway, this is what Aurora's like now. I think it's pretty good. Who knew Tidus and Yuna's features together would balance out to normality?

Guess who else showed up! :D

BAD AURON. Just because you're a ghost doesn't mean you can spy on people. I hope he wasn't like that the WHOLE time he was unsent.

...That face scares me.

I didn't like Yuna anyway.

Yuna can't dance... and nobody's remembered to check on those kids in the bathroom.

This is what she looked like close up.

Fishing party lol
Wakka: "BOATS"
Tidus: "SUNDAES"
Vidina: In time I shall murder you all"

*takes cover*

Eep. At least he's not as... pointy.
I gave him Fortune for his aspiration... because he seems like the ambitious, materialistic type.

And finally, I thought I'd sent everyone to bed, but then I discover that Wakka had been awake all night, energy in the red, and was SERVING OMELETTES AT 4 AM. WAKKA, WTF R U DOING.
Tuesdayglacidea on November 6th, 2007 05:02 am (UTC)
srsly, do some more FFX

My mom won't let me play the sims, but I want it sooo bad now after going through some of these.

I like Yuna ;~; I like Lulu more :P