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Silly Simphonies

Tales of Simphonia

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  • sillysimphonies@livejournal.com

About This Journal

This journal is for me, pyreo, to write stories or whatever about things my Sims have done. I take pictures from the game The Sims 2 and caption them, which hopefully some people might find funny.

I'm not going to set out a storyline and follow it or anything - I'm going to let my Sims run on Free Will and just capture anything funny or stupid that they do. I'm not going to refrain from interfering completely... but I basically just want them to go about their own businesses.
I decided that this would be a fun thing to do after reading the amazing stories from my_sim_stories, so I want to do the same kind of thing.

You may also find yourself recognising my families - because I'm going to base them on my own favourite TV shows or books or whatever, stick them in a house and see what they do. See below for a list of the current families and where they come from if I've used custom content.

I've got a hack that removes the Maxis censor, so you may be seeing naked Sims from time to time. Since they don't have genitalia, I don't see why anyone would feel particularly offended, but you have been warned.
Please DO NOT hotlink any of my images.

And if you check the colour scheme of my journal, it should be set to reflect the expansion pack I'm currently using. ^^
Current EP: Pets

Household List
(Click the family banner to see all of that family's entries)

My Life:

This is the random and insane story following the Sim version of myself. She starts off like me, as a teenager, and then just goes wherever the game takes her. Also included are my real-life friend, Kathy, and my fictional boyfriend, AKA some dude who follows me around.


The 6 stars of the infamous TV sitcom, 'Friends', continue their lives here, trying to find fame, fortune, or just true love. These Sims may not look exactly like their television counterparts, but they were all made by me using only Maxis original content.


Great film trilogy turned simulated madness. Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown try to survive living with each other. Both Sims are all-Maxis content.
The DeLorean can be found here (purely decorative)

Final Fantasy:

Like many others, I have characters from my favourite video game series in my game. Have a looksee at what they get up to.
Most characters include some custom content and some were downloaded as full Sims, but all have had their facial structures altered by me so the downloads won't be exactly the same, even though they were my starting point.


Zidane Sim and clothes
Zidane's hair
Zidane's tail
Zidane's boots and cuffs

Garnet Sim and clothes

Vivi's clothes and eyes
Black Mage clothes
Vivi's hat is a personal recolour of this mesh
Vivi's skin was made by me. There are lots of others just like it.

Kuja's clothes
Kuja's hair is a personal recolour of this mesh


Tidus Sim and clothes

Yuna Sim and clothes
Yuna's hair
Yuna's accessories

Wakka Sim and headband
Wakka's clothes

Lulu Sim and make-up
Lulu's clothes

Auron Sim
Auron's clothes

Rikku's clothes
Rikku's hair

Harry Potter:

A bunch of Harry Potter characters mess around in a GIANT castle.

Hogwarts Castle

Harry's hair
Harry's (and Dumbledore's) glasses
Harry's scar

Snape Sim

Dumbledore's beard

Voldemort Sim